Happy Shine


A New Science In Cleaning, Polishing and Protecting Just About Everything In Your Car, Coat & Home!


A non-petroleum product

Long Lasting

Lasts over three weeks!

Tested & Proven

Multiple independent laboratory testing

Leaves Protective Coating

Works in direct sun, humidity & rain

Our Story

James Goren, Degreed Bio-Medical Engineer, Chemist Technician, and Electronic Design Engineer, began Chemical Analysis and Performance testing of products that were in newly introduced to the market place and were given to the private sector by the US Government for Public Commerce Release and Sales, plus development and improvement. These products were release after the Desert Storm War, where they were used on cleaning Military Trucks in the Desert without wasting precious water. They had already created release agents for this product that would allow cleaning with just a wipe, onto dirty, even sandy surfaces of trucks in war, in the Desert.

They worked without scratching the glass or metal, but it was only used for that purpose and they did contain Petroleum products in the Formula.

The Product would only last until it got wet or rained on and did not cling to surfaces. It would just run off of the surfaces it was used on and did not protect against the damaging elements that Happy Shine does.

When the War ended, the released product that they had used was released to the Public/Private Sector and was then re-developed into a Degreaser, Cleaner, and Water Blocker, but would not last through but a few rain storms and was petroleum based.

Most companies selling these products left them as Petroleum based and only a Couple companies worked on making them Bio-Degradable and Eco Friendly, Non-Toxic, but their Products took a bit of Effort to REMOVE the LEFT-OVER RESIDUE each time it was applied to any surface, and they only got 2x-3x weeks of longevity even with no rain or water washing them away. Rain and Water did wash away most products available and still do for most products available in the Market Place that are similar in application.

Most Companies still use these Petroleum based agents “AS-IS” and market them as Quick Shine Detail Sprays. Only one or two companies developed a longer lasting product as eco friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and non-petroleum based, however, they have Residue left behind with most of their products, which requires some work and sweat to buff and remove.

James Goren, having a Background in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry from Northeastern University, and job experience in Chemical Leaching and Clinging with Surfactants from his job experience in Lab Set-Up and Research Analysis of Copper Leaching from Underground Stone Bedrock using chemical compounds created by Kennicott Copper, Lexington, Massachusetts.

James Used his Experience to Analyze and Create his Own Formula Compound as a NON-TOXIC, BIO-DGRADABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY product with Longevity and Virtually NO-RESIDUE left over on all applications.

Because his Happy Shine Product worked so well, his product was continuously used as the main Detail Wash, Wax, Sealer for Ferrari Dealers, including the Largest Volume Ferrari Dealer in the World, located in South Florida.

With a Simple Wipe that Lasts and NO-RESIDUE, it has been used to Clean and Coat EVERY BIT OF A FERRARI CAR: Paint, Seats, Leather, Gauges, Tires, Wheels, Engine, Glass (8-years running so far).

Utilizing the Super Cleaning Agents and Slippery Weather Blocking Properties of James’ Formula, James made his product One of the QUICKEST TO APPLY” and “SHINIEST COATINGS THAT STICK to almost anything, LEAVING VIRTUALLY NO-RESIDUE and GAINING LONGEVITY.